Since its first edition in 1981, the International Symposium on Electronic Art has been focussing on the impact of technology on art making, and the impact of art on technology, technoscience and society at large.

ISEA2015 proceedings are no exception , and gather 184 contributions : 29 extended abstracts (2 pages) 79 short papers (4 pages) and 76 long ones (8 pages) grouped in 43 sessions. These sessions are the answers from the community to our call for papers under the overarching theme of disruption. We have sessions on global warming, geopolitics, on bio-art, generative systems and computer-brain interfaces. All these critical aspects of our societies are looked at through the lens of electronic art, and the ensuing debate will benefit from its disruptive potential.

ISEA2015 Symposium Directors
Thecla Schiphorst, and Philippe Pasquier


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Art Catalog

Art and Disruption catalogues the artistic program featured at the 21st Symposium on Electronic Art being held in Vancouver, Canada August 14 – 19, 2015. Featured in this book are works from 160 artists working globally at the intersection of art and technology.


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Keynote Paper

In addition to the proceedings and the Art Catalogue, Dr. Sara Diamond kindly agreed to transcribe her ISEA2015 keynote talk: