[Session 0] Introduction

Computerization of society is ongoing, and digital media is the main medium of our time. We live in a world saturated with electronic devices, that we literally spend a third of our awaken life on.
Where does this leads us when it comes to culture, art, and their making?

– How does that influence the ways we make art?
– What is electronic art and how can it change the world?

Since its first edition in 1981, the International Symposium on Electronic Art has been focussing on the impact of technology on art making, and the impact of art on technology, technoscience and society at large.

ISEA2015 proceedings are no exception , and gather 155 contributions 79 short papers and 76 long ones (8 pages) grouped in 41 sessions. These sessions are the answers from the community to our call for papers under the overarching theme of disruption. We have sessions on global warming, geopolitics, on bio-art, generative systems and computer-brain interfaces. All these critical aspects of our societies are looked at through the lens of electronic art, and the ensuing debate will benefit from its disruptive potential.

ISEA2015 Symposium Directors
Thecla Schiphorst, and Philippe Pasquier

Hyperdressing: Wearable Technology in the Time of Global Warming, Susan Elizabeth Ryan. Long paper.

Turbulent World: An Artwork Indicating the Impact of Climate Change, Angus Forbes. Short paper.

World-Wide-Walks: Glaciers in the age of global warming, Peter D’Agostino and David Tafler. Long paper.

Audiovisual Installation as Ecological Performativity, Teresa Connors. Long paper.

Breaking Paradigms: Electronic Arts & Humanitarian Actions, Ricardo Dal Farra. Long paper.

The Listen(n) project: acoustic ecology as a tool for remediating environmental awareness, Garth Paine, Leah Barclay, Sabine Feisst and Daniel Gilfillan. Long paper.

A Wearable Experiment to Radiate Prosocial Wellbeing Through Psychophysiological Mirroring of Laughter, Emily Ip, Sunmin Lee, Wynnie Wing Yi Chung and Thecla Schiphorst. Short paper.

Art, Affect and Aging: Creativity Vs Deficit., Gail Kenning. Long paper.

The Artist is Patient: Collaborative Biomedical Art and Curatorial Care, Bec Dean. Short paper.

[Personal Nature]: An Artist’s Approach to Assistive Technology, David Dowhaniuk. Short paper.

Fostering A Community of Innovation at the Intersection of Art and Technology in the Pacific Northwest, Shelly Farnham. Long paper.

Smash the Black Box – designing for creative mobile machinery, Anja Venter. Long paper.

The Virtual Mandala, Jiayue Cecilia Wu and Francois Conti. Short paper.

Can Art Save Hong Kong? – A Case Study of Preserving Hong Kong Cinema as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, Annie On Ni Wan. Short paper.

De-totalizing capture: on personal recording and archiving practices, Jacek Smolicki. Long paper.

Historical Residue, an Augmented Reality App and the Exploration of the Lost Town of New Philadelphia, Illinois, Jonathan Amakawa. Short paper.

Producing New Media Ethnographies with a Multi-Sited Approach, Kate Hennessy, Claude Fortin, Aynur Kadir, Reese Muntean and Rachel Ward. Long paper.

Augmented Asbury Park: Disrupting the Present with Remnants of History in Augmented Reality, Edward Johnston, Michael Richison and Marina Vujnovic. Short paper.

Cart(ont)ology: Mapping Self-as-Network in Three Carts, Jenny Filipetti. Short paper.

Case Study: White Night Melbourne in 2013 and 2014 Disruption or Contribution Toward the Socially Engaged Public (Art)?, Yun Tae Nam. Short paper.

Disrupting Conventional Boundaries of Public Art In Urban Space, Laura Lee Coles. Long paper.

Disruptive strategies in the Postdigital city, Sandra Álvaro Sánchez. Short paper.

O’megaVille: Excursions in Planetary Urbanism, Michael Hornblow. Short paper.

3×4: Exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities, Paul Sermon, Claire McAndrew and Swati Janu. Short paper.

Designing Interfaces to Experience Interactive Installations Together, Claude Fortin and Kate Hennessy. Long paper.

Occupy the Screen: A case study of open artworks for urban screens, Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon. Long paper.

City to City, Paula Levine and William Hsu. Long paper.

DaDa Visualisation, Geoff Hinchcliffe. Short paper.

Living Mandala: The Cosmic of Being, Jing Zhou. Long paper.

Reopening the inscription Rodrigo Arteaga, from the inscription to the phenomenon, Yara Guasque. Short paper.

Too Big To See: The Need for Design Strategies to Visualize Multiple Spatiotemporal Datasets, Scott Hessels. Short paper.

Esolangs as Experiential Art, Daniel Temkin. Short paper.

Steep (I): a digital poetry of gold nanoparticles, Maryse de La Giroday and Raewyn Turner. Long paper.

The Scroll Unfurled – Ancient to “Vanguard”, Leslie Nobler. Short paper.

‘Twitter’: Practice in Writing : A recipe for Creativity & Creative Interpretation, Anastasios Maragiannis and Janis Jefferies. Short paper.

Aesthetic Experience by Proxy: Science Description and Science Fiction in New Art Practices, Lotte Philipsen. Long paper.

Comparing two Sound Design Styles: Between Determinism Emergence and Interactivity, Cecile Le Prado, Stephane Natkin and Lubna Odeh. Short paper.

Printed radicality, Alessandro Ludovico. Short paper.

The Digital Diasthima: Time-Lapse Reading Digital Poetry, Álvaro Seiça. Short paper.

The Suplemento Dominical do Jornal do Brasil: Art, Poetry, and Media Design in Yellowed Newspapers and Digital Archives, Simone Osthoff. Short paper.

Participatory (Counter-) Surveillance and the Internet, Annina Rüst. Long paper.

Remote and Embodied Sensing: observations on interactive art and politically engaged practice, Margaret Seymour. Short paper.

Towards an Autopoiesis of Surveillance, Tom Kohut. Short paper.

URME Surveillance: Analyzing Viral Face-crime, Leo Selvaggio. Short paper.

An Aesthetic Reading of Online Artivist Projects, Tugce Oklay. Short paper.

Geopolitical Subjectivity, Tomas Laurenzo. Long paper.

Scambaiters, Human Flesh Search Engine, Perverted justice, and Internet Haganah: Villains, Avengers, or Saviors on the Internet?, Andreas Zingerle. Long paper.

Transcoding the Aesthetics of Activism, Vicki Moulder, Michael Heidt and Lorna Boschman. Short paper.

Disruptive Aesthetics for Interactive Artwork, Je-Ho Oh and Chung-Kon Shi. Long paper.

Research through Design, Documentation, Annotation, and Curation, Aisling Kelliher and Daragh Byrne. Long paper.

Researchify: Artists’ Research as Disruption, Donna Szoke. Short paper.

“Chair de lumière” by Marjolaine Béland: How Disruptive Conditions and Mimicry Capture Attention and Favor Empathetic Resonances, Louise Boisclair. Short paper.

Alea (iacta est) – Dance of Presence, Carolina Bergonzoni. Short paper.

Augmented Simulacra: conditioning the post-digital body, Bill Hill. Short paper.

Multiple Bodies in Interactivity. Representations and pathways of the corporeal., Andrea Sosa. Short paper.

Post-Humanism in Post-Modern Dance, Julie Akerly. Short paper.

Parallax: Dancing the Digital Space, Megan Beckwith and Kim Vincs. Long paper.

Perceiving Physical Media Agents: Exploring Intention in a Robot Dance Partner, Greg Corness, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo and Kristin Carlson. Long paper.

Puzzling Gestures: Creating a Teleoperated Interactive Artwork About Tactility, Structure and Movement, Mark Hursty and Victoria Bradbury. Long paper.

LAIT – The Laboratory for Audience Interactive Technologies: Don’t “Turn it Off” — “Turn it On!”, John Toenjes and M. Anthony Reimer. Short paper.

Mashup Realities: Exploring Experience in Networked Interactive Environments for Dance, Christopher Bishop, Mark Guglielmetti and Vince Dziekan. Long paper.

Translating Expression in Taiko Performance, Shannon Cuykendall, Michael Junokas, Kyungho Lee, Mohammad Amanzadeh, David Kim Tcheng, Yawen Wang, Thecla Schiphorst, Guy Garnett and Philippe Pasquier. Short paper.

‘Splitting Centre’: directing attention in trans-media dance performance, Jordan Vincent, Kim Vincs and John McCormick. Short paper.

Capturing and Recognizing Expressive Performance Gesture, Michael Junokas, Kyungho Lee, Mohammad Amazadeh and Guy Garnett. Short paper.

From scripts to scores – Movement as an embodied material for digital interaction, Lise Hansen. Long paper.

Technologies of Self-Fashioning: Virtual Ethnicities in New Media Art, Alice Ming Wai Jim. Long paper.

Aesthetics of Immersion in Interactive Immersive Installation: Phenomenological Case Study, Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo and Greg Corness. Long paper.

Investigating the artistic potential of the fulldome as a creative medium: the case of the E/M/D/L project, Katerina Kontini, Dimitris Charitos, Iouliani Theona and Mike Philips. Long paper.

The Ilinx Garments: Whole-body tactile experience in a multisensorial art installation, Ian Hattwick, Valerie Lamontagne, Christopher Salter, Marcello Giordano, Ivan Franco and Marcelo Wanderley. Long paper.

Grene Epiphytes, an Immersive Bio Artificial-Life Artwork, Mahsoo Salimi, Diane Gromala and Xin Tong. Long paper.

Living media: Transgressing bios, transgressing techne and paving the way to further transgressions, Marta Heberle. Long paper.

“Radical Reordering: bit-size chunks in the AL GRANO project”, Patricia Badani. Long paper.

Owner of a Lonely Heart: (Danio rerio) Embryonic Heartbeats, Clarissa Ribeiro and Huanqi Zhu. Short paper.

Toxicity at the Equidistance of Biotechnology and Biopolitics, Melentie Pandilovski. Short paper.

When Ideas Migrate: A Postcolonial Perspective on Biomodd [LBA2], Diego S. Maranan and Angelo Vermeulen. Long paper.

At sea with the past: reflections on an artwork, Jean Brundrit. Short paper.

FLUID CONTROL – MEDIA EVOLUTION IN WATER, Christoph Theiler and Renate Pittroff. Short paper.

From meaning to liquid matters., Zelf Koelman, Mark J. de Graaf and Hans J. Leeuw. Long paper.

Mother, Body, and Weather: An Artistic Exploration of Transcending the Physical Experience of Motherhood, Karen Cochrane, Prophecy Sun, Kristin Carlson, Maria Lantin and Thecla Schiphorst. Long paper.

Exploring Facial Expressions for Human-Computer Interaction: Combining Visual Face Tracking and EMG Data to Control a Flight Simulation Game, Saeedeh Bayatpour, Ulysses Bernardet, Steve Dipaola, Alexandra Kitson and Bernhard Riecke. Long paper.

Mobile Augmented Reality Art and the Politics of Re-assembly, Rewa Wright. Short paper.

Puppetree: a remediation of theatre, from spectatorship to co-authoring, Priyanka Borar. Short paper.

Pyxis Minor: App Design for Novel Social Music Experiences, Timothy Barraclough, Dale Carnegie and Ajay Kapur. Short paper.

Hearts and Minds: The Residue of War, Daria Tsoupikova, Scott Rettberg, Roderick Coover and Arthur Nishimoto. Short paper.

Sen-se-paration, Karin Guminski, Christoph Anthes and Marlene Brandstätter. Short paper.

Unified Physical and Digital Experiences: Exploring Art and Digital Media via Augmented Reality Interface, Yun Tae Nam. Short paper.

VR Panoramic Photography and Hypermedia: Drawing from the Panorama’s Past, Seth Thompson. Long paper.

Creating Observational 3D Sculptures, Kevin Badni. Long paper.

Disrupted Architecture: Reimagining Buildings through Sound, Michael Blow. Short paper.

homunuculus.agora (h.a), an architectonic art installation, Mark-David Hosale. Long paper.

Noise Square: Physical Sonification of Cellular Automata through Mechatronic Sound-sculpture, Mo H. Zareei, Dale A. Carnegie and Ajay Kapur. Short paper.

Augmenting Virtual Worlds with Musical Robotics, Jason Long. Long paper.

Disruptive Behaviors: AI, Robots and the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gregory Garvey. Short paper.

The Algorithmic Gardener – Tales of Nature and Code, Shannon Mcmullen and Fabian Winkler. Short paper.

The IndaPlant Project: An Act of Trans-Species Giving, Elizabeth Demaray. Short paper.

A Composer’s Search for Creativity Within Computational Style Modeling, Arne Eigenfeldt. Long paper.

Disruptive Systems and Organizing Principles in Generative Art: Two cases (1980-ongoing) by British artist Ernest Edmonds., Francesca Franco. Long paper.

From Immateriality to Neomateriality: Art and the Conditions of Digital Materiality, Christiane Paul. Short paper.

LiveCode Readings: Algorithms viewed as text., Jessica Rodríguez and Rolando Rodríguez. Long paper.

Antonymic Exchange, Carl Diehl and Lindsey French. Short paper.

Emergent behaviour: learning from an artificially intelligent performing software agent, John McCormick, Steph Hutchison, Kim Vincs and Jordan Beth Vincent. Short paper.

META: NOTES FROM A DANCER FROM INSIDE A DUET WITH AN AI AGENT, Steph Hutchison, John McCormick and Kim Vincs. Long paper.

Ostrich Effects, David Cotterrell and Jordan Kaplan. Short paper.

Projet EVA – Subservient Techno for Subservient Minds, Simon Laroche and Etienne Grenier. Short paper.

Comedy53: A system’s design for generating image and text to create humorous comics, Daniel Hawkins and Philippe Pasquier. Long paper.

The Order of Passions — A Portrait of Polyphonic Canada, Aleksandra Dulic, David Kadish, Homayoun Najjaran and Kenneth Newby. Long paper.

Visual Arts Creation Assisted by BICASSO: Brain-Inspired Computationally Aesthetic Selective Savant & Observer, Francois Lemarchand. Short paper.

Distributed Interactive Audio Devices: Creative strategies and audience responses to novel musical interaction scenarios, Oliver Bown, Lian Loke, Sam Ferguson and Dagmar Reinhardt. Short paper.

The Audiovisual Ghetto Blaster Effect, Rocio von Jungenfeld. Long paper.

The Tomb of the Grammarian Lysias: Real-Time Performance and Crowd-Distributed Music Diffusion with Networked Mobile Devices, Ben Houge and Javier Sanchez. Long paper.

Weblogmusic: A Performance Platform for Individually Time-Shifted Improvisers, Jeffrey Morris. Short paper.

Automatic Genre-Dependent Composition using Answer Set Programming, Sarah Opolka, Philipp Obermeier and Torsten Schaub. Long paper.

Extracting Visual Information to Generate Sonic Art Installation and Performance, Eric Heep and Ajay Kapur. Short paper.

Manifesto for a Musebot Ensemble: A platform for live interactive performance between multiple autonomous musical agents, Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown and Benjamin Carey. Long paper.

Musical Structure Imitation using Segmentation, and k-Nearest Neighbors (kNN), Evan Merz. Short paper.

ESKIN : Disruptive potentials for Transdisplinary Teams, Jill Scott. Long paper.

Imagining Thought in Digital Space, Kellyann Geurts and Mark Guglielmetti. Short paper.

State.scape: a brain as an experience generator, Mirjana Prpa, Bernhard E. Riecke and Svetozar Miucin. Short paper.

The Brain As A Hackable Driver, Ellen Pearlman. Long paper.

Designing Nano-Media Across Disciplines: Circular Genealogies and Collaborative Methodologies at the Optical Frontier, Aleksandra Kaminska. Long paper.

Frozen: Exploring creativity and the process of making using photogrammetry., Neil Glen. Short paper.

Incorporation of Shape Memory Polymers in Interactive Design, Jessica Berry and Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo. Short paper.

Transient Materialization: Ephemeral Material-oriented Digital Fabrication, Shih-Yuan Wang, Yu-Ting Sheng, Alex Barchiesi and Jeffrey Huang. Long paper.

Diving into Infinity: A Motion-Based, Immersive Interface for M.C. Escher’s Works, Bill Manaris, David Johnson and Mallory Rourk. Long paper.

Drawing_in_the_Media_Stream, Kristine Diekman and Tony Allard. Short paper.

From A-ha to Oh Shit: From Graphic Design to Glitch Design, Jonathan Hanahan and Jonathan Hanahan. Long paper.

The Image Compressed, Tara Elizabeth Cook. Short paper.

Experiments in art and value: burning Bitcoins to buy Ai Weiwei, Andrew Newman and Matthias Tarasiewicz. Short paper.

Responsive Environments and Protagonism: The Sustenance Principle, Russell Richards. Long paper.

The Economic Valuation of Digital Media Arts, David R. Burns. Short paper.

The Renegade; or, an Aesthetics of Resolution. A few thoughts on a techno-imaginative toolbox and its potential for digital art as — and beyond — critique, Gerald Nestler. Short paper.

“The Value of Art” – Transforming User Attention into Monetary Value in a Series of Interactive Artworks, Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer. Long paper.

Artist’s experiment and scientific experiment: the “provability” and creative distinctiveness of an artwork, Raivo Kelomees. Long paper.

Hybrid Ontologies: An Attempt to Define Networked Mixed Reality Art, Julian Stadon. Long paper.

Understanding Third Space: Evaluating Art-Science Collaboration, Lizzie Muller, Jill Bennett, Lynn Froggett and Vanessa Bartlett. Long paper.

CRUMB DOCTORAL RESEARCH:An investigation into the impact of collaborations between the commercial digital and artistic sectors on the curatorial realm, Suzy O’Hara. Long paper.

Curating: a disruptive technique for disruptive technologies, Deborah Turnbull Tillman and Mari Velonaki. Long paper.

Identifying community resources using data mining, crowdsourcing, and networked co-curation, Daragh Byrne and Aisling Kelliher. Short paper.

A Pioneer of Interactive Art: Nam June Paik as Musique Concrète Composing Researcher, Byeongwon Ha. Long paper.

DMIs AMONG THE OTHERS – Live at the concert hall, Diana Cardoso and Paulo Ferreira-Lopes. Short paper.

The Lungta Projet: Physical Visual Music, Patrick Saint-Denis. Long paper.

transmission+interference: noise, resonance and territory, David Strang and Vincent Van Uffelen. Short paper.


Process VS. Product, resisting the self-gratifying loop, regaining a DIY perspective, Alessandro Ludovico. Short paper.

Public Making: Artistic Strategies for Working with Collections, Technologies and Publics, Tim Shaw and John Bowers. Long paper.

Redundant Technology: Disrupting Lineal Narratives, Miguel Valenzuela. Long paper.

Change: The aporia of conservation and subversion, Sophie-Carolin Wagner. Short paper.

Floating Identities:Me, Her and Us – An Interactive Site-Specific Art Installation Based on Adler’s Inferiority Complex to Conclude the De-tachment and Reform of Modern Females, Ko-Chiu Wu, Saiau-Yue Tsau and Yu-Chun Lin. Long paper.

On Internet Art: A Critique of the Imperceptible Interface, Eileen Skyers. Short paper.

Slow Media Art – Seeing Through Speed in Critiques of Modernity, Kevin Hamilton and Katja Kwastek. Long paper.

Aesthetics of the Digital Ruins and the Future of Art Conservation, Giselle Beiguelman. Long paper.

Infiltration, decontextualisation, appropriation and hoax: Medium Reflective artworks in the age of electronic crowds, Filipe Pais. Long paper.

Statuevision: A participatory, collaborative, cross-generational, urban intervention with public monuments as primary content, Claire Hentschker and Ali Momeni. Long paper.

Dramaturgy as an enquiry on how interweave space, body and technology in performative interactive installations, Carla Capeto. Short paper.

The Felt Sense Project: Towards A Methodological Framework For Designing and Crafting from the Inner Self, Claudia Núñez-Pacheco and Lian Loke. Long paper.

aka Profile Glitch, Lisa Marie Patzer. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Colorigins: Disrupting Color Theory Pedagogy with a Tactile Color Mixing and Matching Game, Brad Tober. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Designing Nano-Media: How to Build a New Media Surface with Extraordinary Optical Effects and Data Storage at the Nano Scale, Bozena Kaminska. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Disturbed System, Oksana Kryzhanivska, Simon Fay and Jeff Boyd. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Electromagnetic Landscape – Very Disruptive Volcanos, Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Ayaka Okutsu and Stina Hasse. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

MAKING DATA FELT: Untitled Bombardment Visualization, Martin Zeilinger. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

PERFORMING THE BODY AND SPACE WITH SOMATIC SOUND, Stahl Stenslie. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Rhythm Zoo: Musical Composition Modeled on Genetic Networks, Anna Lindemann and Eric Lindemann. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Time Lens – Interactive Art Project, Michael Kuetemeyer and Anula Shetty. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Anthropomorphic Things: Disrupting the Boundary Between Subject and Object, Ana Jofre. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Antikythera: Tactile audiovisual poetry app for tablets, Saila Susiluoto, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, Shakti Dash, Antti Nykyri and Rasmus Vuori. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

AVB – A New Protocol for Multi-Channel Multimedia, Margaret Schedel and Perrin Meyer. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Coding to Create Art in 1975, Joan Truckenbrod. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Collaborative Disruption: Video vs Object vs Video, Joan Truckenbrod. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Collocations, Abraham Avnisan. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

DEL?No, Wait!REW: The Impossibility of Authenticating Erasure, Michaela Lakova. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Disruption in Reconstruction, Leslie Nobler. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Guerrilla Grafters, Margaretha Haughwout, Tara Hui and Ian Pollock. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Improvising virtual dancer meets audience: Observations from a user study, Alexander Berman and Valencia James. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Live sculpture, Chiara Passa. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

MIRAWORLD – poetic science as design methodology, Amanda Tasse. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Old Tech and New Spaces: Repurposing Payphones for Community Design, Karl Baumann. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Postcard Memories: an interactive tablet application for elders with dementia, Martha Ladly, Ana Jofre, Laura Wright and Bryn Ludlow. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Repurposing Laughter in a Wearable Design for Social Interaction, Wynnie Wing Yi Chung, Emily Ip, Sunmin Lee and Thecla Schiphorst. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Senseparation, Karin Guminski, Christoph Anthes and Marlene Brandstätter. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

The Aesthetics of Activism: See-through Effect, Vicki Moulder and Michael Heidt. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

The D-Box: How to Rethink a Digital Musical Instrument, Victor Zappi and Andrew McPherson. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Thirteen Ways of Killing a Scrub-Jay, Richard Holeton. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Wave voxel: A multimodal volumetric representation of three dimensional lookup tables for sound synthesis, Anis Haron and George Legrady. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

‘LET’S TALK BUSINESS’ – an Installation to explore online scam narratives, Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman. Extended Abstract (2p) with Poster Presentation.

Analyzing Disruptive Tactics and Strategies in Media Activism, Lorna Boschman, Michael Heidt, Vicki Moulder and Robin Oppenheimer. Panel Paper.

Didactic Disruption: Roy Ascott’s Models for Arts Education and Research, Elif Ayiter, Diane Gromala, Mike Phillips, Paul Thomas and Peter Anders. Panel Paper.

Digital Performance in Flesh and Bones, Aila Regina da Silva, Antonio Herci Ferreira Junior, Arthur Lara and Denise Melo. Panel Paper.

Disrupting the City: Using Urban Screens to Remediate Public Space, Dave Colangelo, Jean Dubois and Claude Fortin. Panel Paper.

EMDL European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research, Dimitris Charitos, Martin Kusch, Mike Phillips, Marie-Claude Poulin and Ruth Schnell. Panel Paper.

Poetic Disruption in a Time of Surveillance, Nicholas Adrian Knoufa, Claudia Costa Pedersonb, Jennifer Gradeckic and Derek Curryd. Panel Paper.

The Visual Politics of Play: On the Signifying Practices of Digital Games, Anna Everett, D. Fox Harrell, Jennifer Jenson and Soraya Murray. Panel Paper.

CogNovo: Cognitive Innovation for Technological, Artistic, and Social Domains, Diego S. Maranan, Frank Loesche and Susan L Denham. Institutional Paper.

Institutional Presentation – The Banff Centre, Jen Mizuik, Kerry Stauffer and Tyler Jordan. Institutional Paper.

ISEA International, Peter Anders, Bonnie Mitchell, Wim van der Plas, Ian Clothier and Sue Gollifer. Institutional Paper.

Kadenze: An Interactive MOOC Platform for Arts & Technology, Ajay Kapur, Perry Cook, Sarah Reid, Jordan Hochenbaum and Owen Vallis. Institutional Paper.

Media and Performance Laboratory: Learning by doing, making by playing, sharing by performing, Joris Weijdom and Kaisu Koski. Institutional Paper.

Repurposing Urban Space: Arts as the Catalyst for Change, jil p. weaving and Laura Lee Coles. Institutional Paper.

School of Media Studies, The New School, Christiane Paul. Institutional Paper.

THE SWISS ARTISTS-IN-LABS PROGRAM, Prof. Dr. Jill Scott. Institutional Paper.