Square Panels and Round Tables

The full ISEA2015 program can be found under the Schedule Page



Arthur Lara, Aila Silva, Antonio Ferreira Junior and Denise Melo. Digital performance in flesh and bones. Panel

Artur Matuck, Antonio Herci and Ivaldo Brasil. Media design as a creative language, the artist as meta-artist. Panel

Beryl Graham and C E B Graham. New Collecting – Curating After New Media Art. Panel

Carlos Castellanos, Tyler Fox, Tagny Duffand Matt Garcia. Human/Non-Human: Biologies, Ecologies and Subjectivities in New Media Art. Panel

Catherine Richards, Maria Lantin and Maureen Matthews. Objects and Agency: Art, Digital Media, Anthropology. Panel

Charissa Terranova and Yvan Tina. Panel 1 Complexism: Art + Architecture + Biology + Computation, A New Axis in Critical Theory? Panel

Charissa Terranova and Yvan Tina. Panel 2 Complexism: Art + Architecture + Biology + Computation, A New Axis in Critical Theory? Panel

Claude Fortin, Moritz Behrens, Jean Dubois and Dave Colangelo. Disrupting the City: Using Urban Screens to Remediate Public Space. Panel

Daniel Ploeger, Diana Damian-Martin and Irini Papadimitriou. Materialness, Consumer Technology and Electronic Waste. Round Table

Don Sinclair, Joanna Berzowska, Marek Hatala and Mark-David Hosale. Computational media technology programs in Canada. Round Table

Donna Cox. 30+ Years of Artistic Data Visualization: evolution, trends, opportunities. Panel

Gillian Russell, Dani Admiss and Craig Badke. Disruption Through Design: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility. Panel

Jamie Hilder, Danielle Bustillo, Bryne Rasmussen-Smith and Nicholas Arehart. neverhitsend: Drafting a Collective. Round Table

Laura Marks and Samirah Alkassim. Information Erupts into Perception. Panel

Léon McCarthy, Steve Gibson, Jackson Twobears and Leonard Paul. Disrupting audio-visual paradigms with real-time technology. Panel

Lizzie Muller and Caroline Langill. Curating Lively Objects: Post-disciplinary perspectives on media art exhibition. Panel

Lorna Boschman, Michael Heidt, Vicki Moulder and Robin Oppenheimer. Analyzing Disruptive Tactics and Strategies in Media Activism. Panel

Martin Kusch, Dimitris Charitos, Mike Phillips, Marie-Claude Poulin, Ruth Schnell and Thomas Dumke. E/M/D/L – European Mobile Dome Lab for Artistic Research. Panel

Martin Zeilinger, Skot Deeming, Eddo Stern, Lynn Hughes, Isabelle Arvers and Matteo Bittanti.  The Gallery At Play: On the Politics of Exhibiting Game Art. Round Table

Nicholas Knouf, Claudia Pederson, Jennifer Gradecki and Derek Curry. Poetic Disruption in a Time of Surveillance. Panel

Paul Benzon, Matthew Schilleman, Sarah Sweeney, Seth Ellis, Amaranth Borsuk, Nick Montfort and Jesper Juul. The Aesthetics of Erasure. Round Table

Peter Anders. Didactic Disruption: Roy Ascott’s Models for Arts Education and Research. Panel

Soraya Murray. The Visual Politics of Play: On The Signifying Practices of Digital Games. Panel

Stahl Stenslie and Christa Sommerer. Pain, Art and Communication. Panel

Terry Flaxton, Charlotte Humpston and Leon Gurevitch. Waves of Technology: The Hidden Ideologies of Cognitive Neuroscience and the future production of the Iconic. Panel