Demonstrations and Posters with Proceedings

The full ISEA2015 program can be found under the Schedule Page


Abraham Avnisan. Collocations
Alexander Berman and Valencia James. Improvising virtual dancer meets audience: Observations from a user study
Karl Baumann. Old Tech and New Spaces: Repurposing Payphones for Community Design
Martha Ladly, Ana Jofre, Laura Wright and Bryn Ludlow. Postcard Memories: an interactive tablet application for elders with dementia
Richard Holeton. Thirteen Ways of Killing a Scrub-Jay
Saila Susiluoto, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, Rasmus Vuori and Shakti Dash. Antikythera: Generative, tactile audiovisual poetry for tablet computers
Andreas Zingerle. ‘Lets talk business’ – an Installation to explore online scam narratives
Victor Zappi and Andrew McPherson. The D-Box: How to Rethink a Digital Musical Instrument
Vicki Moulder and Michael Heidt. The Aesthetics of Activism
Margaret Schedel and Perrin Meyer. AVB – A New Protocol for Multi-Channel Multimedia
Margaretha Haughwout, Tara Hui and Ian Pollock. Guerrilla Grafters
Michael Kuetemeyer and Anula Shetty. Time Lens – Interactive Art project
Brad Tober. Colorigins: Disrupting Color Theory Pedagogy with a Tactile Color Mixing and Matching Game
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Ayaka Okutsu and Stina Hasse. Electromagnetic Landscape – Very Disruptive Volcanos
Stahl Stenslie. Performing the Body and Space with Somatic Sound
Lorna Moore. PULse: A Moist Emotion of Artistic Experience
Lisa Marie Patzer. aka Profile Glitch
Anna Lindemann and Eric Lindemann. Rhythm Zoo
Martin Zeilinger. Making Data Felt: Untitled Bombardment Visualization
Oksana Kryzhanivska, Simon Fay and Jeff Boyd. Disturbed System
Bozena Kaminska. Designing Nano-Media: How to Build a New Media Surface with Extraordinary Optical Effects and Data Storage at the Nano Scale
Joan Truckenbrod. Coding to Create Art in 1975
Michaela Lakova. DEL?No, Wait!REW: The Impossibility of Authenticating Erasure
Anis Haron. Wave voxels: A volumetric representation of three dimensional lookup tables for sound synthesis.
Chiara Passa. Live sculpture
Joan Truckenbrod. Collaborative Disruption: Video vs Object vs Video
Ana Jofre. Anthropomorphic Things: Disrupting the Boundary Between Subject and Object
Amanda Tasse. MIRAWORLD – poetic science as design methodology
Wynnie Wing Yi Chung, Emily Ip, Sunmin Lee and Thecla Schiphorst. Repurposing Laughter in a Wearable Design for Social Interaction
Leslie Nobler. Disruption in Reconstruction
Karin Guminski, Christoph Anthes and Marlene Brandstätter. Senseparation